Art is important. Like, super important.

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I love music. I adore movies. Who decided they should be put together? I’ve often wondered this, because I think it’s the most genius artistic idea of modern times.

A quick Google search tells me that in the 1920s, Warner Brothers made the first movies that included recorded music and sound. They were called Vitaphones, meaning “sound of life.”

Yes. The sound of life. That seems accurate to me. A simple thing with an epic effect. Why is it that putting music to moving pictures makes the story being told just seem… more? …

I took care of her. Now she’s gone. Now what?

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(This is the written version of this piece. For an audio version, see this piece on my website.)

I pick up the small urn that holds a portion of my mother’s ashes. I tell her hello and kiss the cool porcelain that has replaced her warm skin. Tears in my eyes, I talk to her.

“You know Mom, I’m glad you aren’t sick anymore. That your spirit is no longer trapped in a brain that couldn’t understand life, or a body that could no longer function. I’m glad that’s over…

When you do not trust or admire your leaders, it may be time to redefine what leadership is and where to find it.

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As we head into another presidential election, you can sense the importance of this one. It’s crucial. Like each one before it. I’ve lived through 9 presidential elections so far. Each one has looked and felt like a competition of sinners and saints, heroes and villains, smart ones and dumb ones. We always want the good guy or gal to win, but what if they don’t?

In case of emergency — break glass.

It’s time to bust…

Me and Mom on a good day

Five years ago, my mother was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s, at the age of 62. She’s 67 now, and somewhere near the end of her journey with the disease.

It’s been a rough 5 years, to say the least. The past year has been especially challenging.

What I’m realizing now, is just how much life was asking me to change, and how much I let it. Not by choice, so much as necessity. When extreme, unwanted and uncontrollable change comes into your life, it challenges your head and your heart in unfamiliar ways. It leaves you disoriented and confused, hurt…

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One thing seems clear to me through this coronavirus ordeal. American’s in general have a real hard time sitting with discomfort. We’re quite bad at dealing with things we personally don’t like. The pride of the individual over the idea of the whole is rampant. It looks to me that if you squash all the US into one mind — that mind would always worry about “me, myself, and mine.” It would often say, if it’d be willing to admit it, “I want my own safety and security and I don’t care about you.” I mean, I already knew that…

It baffles my mind, truly confounds me, that we aren’t kinder to each other. Why?

Kindness should ooze from our pores. The pain all of us will have to endure while we work our way through this beautiful and odd gift of life is immense. None of us will be unscathed or unscarred. We will all lose precious things. We will all face insurmountable expectations and collapse under the weight.

Without realizing it, we will build entire lives on foundations that will eventually crumble beneath us. At least once in each of our lives, if not many more times, we…

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Because of my mother, I am a member of a few online support groups for people who have loved ones with Alzheimer’s and dementia. There is one statement that I see over and over again in these groups. It is said in various different ways about various different aspects of the journey. The statement comes from trying to figure out how to be with someone who no longer knows you. It comes from trying to figure out how to help someone do the most basic tasks. It comes from having to clean the grossest messes. It comes from having to…

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Out of curiosity, how often do you think in the back of your mind, or perhaps even say out loud, “what the f*&k is wrong with _____?!” Fill in the blank with any human or group of humans, that may be irritating or baffling to you at any particular moment. Do you think something like that a few times a year? A month? A day? I have a strong suspicion that most of us think something along those lines at least occasionally, if not frequently. Wouldn’t it be great to actually know the answer? Well, I have one for you.

We humans are weird. Think about it…

I am guessing that you have probably had some sort of dream where someone you know is really mean to you, or does something really bad, and then you wake up from the dream, but for a while you’re still hurt or mad with that person. Even though it was a dream, for a while it still felt real, so you were still upset until the sleepy ‘dream residue’ wore off and you could fully see it wasn’t real.

In truth, what you were really upset about the whole time was an idea…

How you can see all of life in one still image

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Have you ever seen a photograph in which the content is something devastating, or horrific, or intense, or dark? Perhaps a scene after some form of disaster. Injured people are crying in the wreckage, their faces dirty and bloody and stricken with grief over their current situation. Have you ever been drawn into that content, and had your heart break in solidarity for what was depicted?

But, in a different way, have you been able to draw yourself away from the content and truly appreciate the absolute beauty of…

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