How and where to find better leaders

When you do not trust or admire your leaders, it may be time to redefine what leadership is and where to find it.

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Defining leadership

A true leader is wise and understanding. This is different than educated and smart. They will want to offer you something, not show themselves off. They are willing to use their heart and their intelligence to help you find your own. They will have the capacity to truly listen. No matter how much they may personally disagree with what is being said, they will be able to listen for something valuable.

Don’t wait for these leaders to show themselves, go find them

We can always find these people and let them know we hear them, we see them, we value them. People do not rise to positions of leadership only from their own volition. They also rise because they were called out by people who valued the qualities they possessed.

Look for leaders outside of conventional areas

Look to artists who inspire you to be, see, and feel more. Consume their creations because music, movies, books, poetry and art allow us to step outside of ourselves. They allow us to see new ideas we would otherwise not believe to be possible.

Don’t just like the idea, take action

If you’re still reading, don’t leave these words on the screen. Breathe them in. Let them move through your bloodstream. Bring them into your heart and mind and let them stir something new within you. Allow them to guide you toward new people and things and outcomes. Take the time to consider what you believe a true leader to be, and then go out and look for those people.

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