I stopped being political for extraordinary reasons

I just voted, but this is not going to be your typical “I just voted” piece…

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I think we have confused what politics really is, for what we want it to be. In one aspect of living, politics is very important. We have created politics and governments to play a central role in organizing and supporting modern societies. But in another aspect of human existence, politics and government are completely irrelevant. They have absolutely nothing to do with what is involved in experiencing an amazing life. We have tied the two together at our own detriment.

The human mind has created politics, and the human mind is inherently fallible. We have created political systems (I would like to believe) with the best of intentions, but they are always doomed to fail because they are not based on any true reality. Any system created by humans is nothing more than a best guess at what would be helpful, and is subject to the inevitably fallible opinions of those who write the rule books. This is not the rule makers fault, it’s that no human, or group of humans, could ever possibly comprehend enough of the infinite moving parts of life, to plant a flag in the land of What Is Best For All. We ask of politics things that, by its very nature, it can never do. And so, whatever is created through our political system will always be or become warped, skewed, fragile, and unstable. It is why no government in the history of humankind has stood the test of time.

It seems to me that politics always innocently or intentionally makes the lives of some people easier while making the lives of others harder. It gives some people what they want, while taking it away from others. It doesn’t make sense to me to turn life into that kind of a compromise, so I took most of my eggs out of that metaphorical basket.

This is not an act of defiance, however. This is not the equivalent of a toddler’s tantrum, “I don’t like that game, so I don’t wanna play. Harumph!” Nor is it a reflection of apathy. I am not withdrawing myself because it looks pointless. It is due to the fact that I have seen that the true potential and opportunity for humanity lay outside the limits of all political systems.

To be fair, I am all for better systems because I recognize they are currently woven into the fabric of the societies we have created, and I have cast my vote in ways that I hope will move us toward something that we can call better. I recognize and respect that the democratic process has been a noble attempt by us to figure out how to get along, and it has accomplished extraordinary things. But it has crumbled as much as it has created, and I believe the iteration it is in now has reached its inevitable limits. It is time for something grander.

While many people are doubling down on an outdated system, I am more curious about what could exist beyond it. To see that, sometimes you have to remove yourself and step outside. To constantly focus all of our time and energy on making a system better is to miss the possibility and opportunity of transcending it.

I have put my vote behind laws and politicians, but I will not put my hope for humanity there. My hope is for people to wake up and realize the power they always have inside of their life, regardless of what is happening around them. My guy or gal in a political office is nice, but a human who embraces the power they have in their own life at all times is transformative. That is where I focus most of my time and attention. That is the role I choose to play in making a better world. Waking people up from the dream (or nightmare) of complexly created politics, into an infinitely wider world of possibility.

What I would love to know, and the questions I will dedicate my life to, are what happens to a society when its members recognize that they already have within them most of what they need, and understand how to get the rest outside of any political system? What would we create then? What would society look like when we create its structures not from a place of fear or control, but from a place of wisdom and understanding? What happens when we as people move from being reactionary, to being visionary? What becomes freed up within us as we shift from correcting and controlling, to connecting and composing.

I don’t need America to be great. I want every American who lives here to wake up to the greatness they have within themselves at all times. From there, America will be just fine.

I have voted in this election because it seems like the responsible thing to do as a member of a larger society. But it doesn’t make sense to me to “be political”. I do not recognize my true strength as being one vote in a sea of millions. Nor do I see the strength and opportunity in the system itself. I chose to be someone who stands for something extraordinarily better. I wish to point people to the fact that so much more is on offer in life than the world of politics could ever offer you. I wish to help people understand that experiencing a beautiful and amazing life cannot be given to you, nor taken away, by any political system.

We will always play within the size of the sandbox that we believe we are confined to. We forgot that the human spirit cannot ever actually be contained or confined inside of anything. “Politics” looks like a pretty small mental sandbox to me, and many are trying to stuff their livelihood inside of it. But be honest — doesn’t it feel crowded and suffocating? Don’t you feel like you have to throw elbows to mark out room for yourself? Aren’t you exhausted of feeling like you have to raise an army to get anything of value accomplished?

Very few people seem to know that you can safely step outside of the whole thing. And with all that extra breathing room, it turns out you’re a whole lot more stable, and thus more powerful. From a more spacious mental place, you either have the energy and excitement to go back in and revolutionize the system, or the creative drive to conceive an entirely new one. What I believe we need, are more people who recognize this.

Until then, I will do my best to be a good public citizen inside the system, but I refuse to be limited by which way the votes fall.

Albert Einstein once said, “The real problem is in the minds and hearts of men.” I agree, and so that is where I focus — changing the minds and hearts of humans. Minds and hearts are not changed through politics, they create it. If we want to see drastic change, it is time we drastically changed our minds and hearts and let whatever becomes of politics be a reflection of that.

I am not political. I am a human who fully recognizes what every single human being is capable of — greatness beyond belief.

Transformation coach, writer, story teller. Hanging out in the space between what is me and what is not me. Visit me at briannegrebil.com

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